The Hi-Hopes

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(その頃の音源はVIVID SOUNDよりリリースされてます。)

南米音楽をベースに、ロカビリーや諸々のROOTSMUSIC・ REBELMUSICをMIXさせたROCKバンド。

2017/03/29で最後のライブいたして、2017/04/19The Hi-Hopesは解散する事になりました。

At the beginning Ryuichi Kubo (Vocal and Guitar) started as a solo unit, releasing material under the label Vivid Sound.
Later, he joined with Kazuma Koseki, a piano player that had just come back to Japan from his music studies in Cuba, together forming the actual style the band is known for today.
As of present, the band is comprised of Ryuichi Kubo on guitar and vocals, Ernesto Salinas on drums, percussion, and vocals, Hiroshi Shishikura on bass and backing vocals, and Ken Zachow Ogawa on guitar, live percussion, and backing vocals.

The Hi-Hopes is a rock band which take Latin American elements and incorporates them with rockabilly as well as roots music and rebel music.

We had our last show on March 29th, 2017 and decided to split on April 19th, 2017.

Warning“Warning: The Hi-Hopes may cause you to ingest heavy amounts of alcohol and dance erratically (with or without intoxicants). Side effects include extreme euphoria and an addiction for Latin-Japanese fusion music”.   -Declan Barnes

Members  (Sep 2016)

Ryuichi Kubo (Japan)
(Guitar / Vocal)
Ryuichi Kubo

Ernesto Salinas (Puerto Rico)
(Drums / Vocal)

Hiroshi Shishikura (Japan)
Hiroshi Shishikura

Ken Zachow Ogawa (Venezuela)
Ken Zachow Ogawa

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